Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Board games with fantasy theme

As I wrote repeatedly, I like to play games. Besides Table-talk Role Playing Game and computer games, analog games are also my favorite. It includes Catan, Monopoly, and Go.

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Among them, some board games have a particular motif, such as the expedition to foreign countries, development of a building, and so on. Some themes are very popular. Many German board games are featuring the middle age.

To be honest, I love the games in which epic fantasy is featured the best. I am fascinated to see the illustration of swords, dungeons, and dragons. The climate in a fantasy world is so exciting that I dream to be reborn in such an era.

Fortunately, fantasy is one of popular themes in board game industry. There are several games available to play. I will introduce some excellent examples.

Rune Bound Rune Bound Third Edition

This is one of the most famous board games whose theme is an adventure in a fantasy world. You will be a hero to defeat a gigantic evil dragon. You have to explore the wide field to find some exceptional magic items and to improve your hero's skills.

Two to four players can participate. It takes maybe three hours to play the whole adventure. Language dependence is extremely high.

I bought this game recently, but unfortunately, I have not gained an opportunity to play it.

Actually, some core rules have been amended from the second edition to the third edition. I would prefer the second edition.

Descent Descent: Journeys in The Dark Second Edition

This is also a famous board game. In the play, a participant plays a role of overlord, so-called game master. Other players control their own hero. The overlord tries to defeat all of the heroes. Thus, it is an asymmetric game. It seems quite unusual. When the owner plays the overlord, other players can enter the game easily without any experience of playing it.

In addition, this game includes several scenarios. It will take twenty hours to complete the whole campaign. It will be satisfactory, isn't it?

I will buy it in the near future. The language dependence is quite high, but the Japanese version is available.

Lost Legends Lost Legends

This one does not require a game map. After choosing your hero, players can get some assets by drafting the cards. Immediately after equipping these items, you will face huge monsters one by one. Creating strong combination of the effects of magic items is crucial to conquering the foes.

Maximum five players can join in. The play time is less than two hours. Language dependence is high.

I played it twice with great fun. The Japanese version is available.

Dungeon Fighter Dungeon Fighter Game

This is also a dungeon-exploring game. Each player has their own hero. You can get treasures in the dungeon for the risk of encountering dreadful enemies.

However, there is a special rule in this game which makes it unique and somehow funny. In several situations, you are demanded to throw a die with a particular posture. For example, when equipping a crossbow, you have to snap a die instead of throwing it. In a dark room, you have to close your eyes when rolling a die. Dice must be on the board to inflict damage on the enemy. It is extremely difficult for you to aim at the center of the board when you throw your die through the space between your legs!

In Japan it is sold out. I ordered it via

There may be more fantasy games I do not know. I would like to enjoy all of them.

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