Friday, November 20, 2015

Women can produce a baby without men?

Today’s topic is another issue regarding reproduction. And it is more astonishing than uterus transplantation.

Researchers in China was successful in producing a mouse infant from two eggs, without sperm. They extracted an ovum-derived embryonic stem cell, to inject it into another ova. The egg successfully changed into a litter of baby mice.

International Business Times: Are men redundant? Baby mice created using two mothers and no father

A stem cell is known as its potential to transform into massively variable forms of the cell. In human, several utilities of stem cells are under investigation. However, this is the first time for me to know that stem cell can be a substitute of sperm.

Indeed, a sperm has much simpler structure than an ovum. Nonetheless, I hardly believe this report, to be honest.

Researchers say that the success rate is only 15%. And they denied the possibility of utilization of this technique into a human subject. If we can produce offspring without men, it would be a boom for lesbians. But, of course, there would be far more complicated problems emerged in the society.

I am a little afraid that someone will make an experiment using human tissues secretly. If the result is successful, it would be tough to determine who are responsible for the child of two women. The child will have to be strictly observed during all his or her life.

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