Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Uterus transplantation

Medical transplantation has splendidly developed. Nowadays, several organs are subjected to be transplanted. And such operations save many patients’ life.

Recently, uterus transplantation attracts attention of physicians and patients suffering from infertility. Not a few women are born with some congenital deficits in their internal sex organ. In addition, some have to get extracted their uterus due to diseases or trauma. Their hope to be pregnant had never accomplished. But now, the situation has been changed.

Nine uterine transplantation were conducted in Sweden. And September 2014, the first child was born from a transplanted uterus. There are some other successful birth cases, while two failed. Now, the US and the UK are going to follow Sweden.

The New York Times: Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Some Infertile Women in the U.S. Become Pregnant

It is wondering whether transplanted uterus can take the role of protecting the fetus for several months. I am not specialized to this issue. Uterus is exposed to hormones created in the ovaries, and alters its shape. The fatal immunological reaction is possible to occur if artificial treatment was not added. Fortunately, adverse effects of immunosuppressant drugs seem not to be a serious problem to the fetus. After the birth, the uterus can be removed, meaning that the recipient can stop taking anti-rejection drugs.

Nonetheless, transplantation is not a safe solution. In addition to the risk of the surgery, close observation must be continued during the pregnant term.

In the modern world, there are some options to become a mother. Adoption is quite common. Surrogate birth is also carried out. Being compared to their methods, uterus transplantation has a much greater risk, but looks like beneficial to some women who strongly hope to get a child.

The donor can be dead, but a living donor participated in the operation in a Swedish case. I am afraid that the issue around organ trade will be ignited soon. Whether it is permitted to give your organs for money is not an easy question. The uterus is not a necessary organ for women not to hope to be pregnant. Therefore, criminal organizations will easily gather uteri from poor people. There is a matter of human ethics. Innovative technology is always preceding to the ethical discussion.

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