Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Some issues in the airplane trip

As I repeatedly mentioned, I like airplane travel. Riding an airplane for hours is far less stressful than in the past, thanks to tablet devices. In addition, there are many options including LCCs for an abroad traveling. You can choose either inexpensive or comfort journey.

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Recently, an article introducing some tips in the airplane was published. An airplane is a mass of various architecture. We have many things yet to know about the management of airline travel.

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In this article, I was surprised to know the reason coffee on the airplane tastes not good. Some chemicals are inserted into the water tanks in the aircraft so that harmful bacteria cannot grow. These chemicals spoil the flavor of coffee. To be honest, I never order coffee in the airplane because I do not like a hot beverage. Therefore, I have not noticed the taste of the coffee in the sky.

The issues about the mobile phone are also interesting. Using electronic devices are strictly restricted in the airplane during takeoff and landing. Actually, they are the riskiest parts in handling an aircraft. So, I understand that crews are nervous about the risk of entangled lines. It seems not so problematic, however, than we imagine so. A similar situation occurred in the hospital. Formerly, using a mobile phone was suspected to interfere the pacemaker in the heart of patients. We requested the patients and families not to use mobile devices in the hospital. Now it has been proven that there are very low risk for a cell phone to confuse the function of the pacemaker.

The other day, there was a bad report. A lady saw a message from her husband on the airplane in which he was going to commit suicide. She asked the crew to stop the plane immediately, but it was not accepted because the plane was approaching to takeoff. After the landing, she got the news that her husband was dead.

In this case, the airline company were criticized not to have taken a flexible reaction to the request of the passenger. I understand someone has the idea that the death would have been prevented if using a mobile phone had been permitted, even if it is unrealistic.

An airplane carries many passengers, always with many dreams, and sometimes a few worries.

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