Thursday, November 12, 2015

1000th Anniversary

If calculated correctly, this entry is the 1000th post on my blog "Shiina's Asymmetric World."

It was three years ago I decided to start my blog in English. The first purpose was to learn English writing. My first entry was composed of only five lines. Actually, it took half an hour and a little courage to write this entry.

My past entry: Asymmetric World

I am proud to have continued this attempt so far. I know most of our habits will end soon.

My past entry: Good habit is Mikka-Bouzu

Compared to three years ago, the speed of writing the blog was considerably hastened. Now I can write any description I intend to express, although an aid of an electric dictionary and grammar checker are necessary.

On the other hand, it has been difficult for me to improve the quality of the articles I wrote. I seldom get advice from others about my composition. Unless being taught by a native writer, I hardly notice the flaws in my sentences. I sometimes use a proof writing service, but it is costly.

Someone said that trying 1000 times makes you an expert. Unfortunately, I have proven that this saying is wrong. I am still a poor English writer.

Nonetheless, writing a blog brought me another benefit. Writing an article is fun, to be honest. Struggling to make sentences for reporting something to others is very exciting. And, some people I do not know read my entries. It's fantastic!

This blog has not been over. I will write the 1001st entry tomorrow. I am thankful to anyone to be curious about it.

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