Sunday, November 29, 2015

Headache and sore throat

Since yesterday, I have had terrible headache and sore throat. Maybe it is viral pharyngitis. I feel seriously ill, and this weekend is spoiled.

Sometimes, I catch a cold. In the UK, I had some bad experiences. I thought they were due to foreign bacteria or viruses. But, my body is getting vulnerable to viral infection recently, perhaps. In the forties, apparently I tend to catch a cold more frequently than previously, with the symptoms getting severer.

My past entry: Severe cold

Getting old is inevitable for all human beings. Nonetheless, we should be aware to maintain our health. On Friday, I enjoyed a dinner with my colleagues. Soon after returning home, I felt cold, and I rinsed my throat out. But it seems not to be adequate to prevent the infection.

I hope I will be OK tomorrow.

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