Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My dreams (1)

I have some dreams.

I declare my goal of the year at every beginning of the years, as I wrote in 2013, 2014, and 2015. These statements are rather a concept than a dream. I also desire to be always progressive. It is not a concrete dream, either.

So, what are my dreams? Actually, I wrote a list of my dreams at Yakushima when I visited there some years ago. Some of them I have accomplished, and some others are still fantastic.

In the list, a total of 43 items were described. To be honest, I tried to make 100 dreams, but I could not continue to make more dreams. And, there are the items of the list I have already realized below.

(1) Write a blog.
(2) Live abroad.
(3) Begin a side business on the internet.
(4) Eat a Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Unfortunately, only four goals I have achieved so far.

However, it is blessing for me, because it means many dreams remain to be realized, such as:

(4) Become a man who wears an Armani suit naturally.
(5) Wear glasses of Concept Y bland to fit.
(6) Make creating custom-made shoes.
(7) Eat a course of Manchu Han Imperial Feast.
(8) Eat a fully ripened Banana in Philippine.
(9) Create a bottle of pickles at home.
(10) Purchase a castle.

My ambitions are still expanding, even not so great they are, to be glad.

(To be continued, some day.)

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