Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alpaca, capybara, and other animals

Last weekend, I visited a zoo. It was a long ago when I visited a zoo the last time. So, I was a little excited to expect to see some strange animals.

It was located in a rural highland. The field was spreading.

Alpaca is a kind of camelid which is originated from Peru. You take excellent fur from it. Besides, its fanny face attracts visitors in Japan.

In this zoo, a few babies of alpaca were born recently. They were small and charming.

On the other hand, mature alpaca looked a little provocative.

There were several capybaras in the zoo. Capybara is a large rodent. They were extremely calm. They did not move at all when I was approaching.

Some maras were kept in the same area. Mara is also a kind of rodent, but smaller than capybara. They were very pretty.

I could touch them. Their fur was surprisingly solid.

There were some Penguins in another area.

Perhaps, I saw kangaroos for the first time there.

Some mountain cats were kept in a secure cage. They looked sensitive.

A camel was eating grass. Another one was lying on the ground. A strange shape.

Most animals looked satisfied, but horses looked gloomy.

They were all fantastic.

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