Friday, November 13, 2015

Force Awaken with a dying man

There is sad but heartwarming news. A Star Wars lover going to die got the privilege to see the new film earlier than its release.

The man is 31-year-old, and suffering from progressive cancer. The malignant cells were invading his lungs with a rapid pace. His life expectancy was estimated as a couple of months.

As an enthusiastic Star Wars lover, he hoped to see the new episode “the Force Awakens.” This title is the seventh episode of Star Wars saga. George Lucas, the original director, considered it as a composition of nine episodes firstly, but abandoned to make last three episodes. Some years ago, Walt Disney Company purchased the George Lucas Film and decided to create other episodes remained. This decision made many fanciers, include me, excited.

Awake the Force is going to be published two months later. The dying man’s wish to see the Force Awaken was widely spread on social media. And JJ Abrams, the director, made a cool decision, to let the man see the unfinished version of this promised film. Finally, the wish was realized. The screening seems to have been held at his home.

It is no doubt that the JJ Abrams’ behavior made a good advertisement for this film. It was lucky for the man that social media was effective to send his wish to the director and many interested parties. Nonetheless, it is an act of virtue. It is cool to consider that force is with the man. Giving a dream to people is the true goal of the film, I think.

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