Monday, November 16, 2015

Two cups taught me the meaning of context

Recently, the value of context attracts great attention in the business industry. Previously, effective business meant the maximization of the effectiveness of each process in production. It was merely a sum of contents. However, it does not always ensure the maximum creativity, based on new rationale.

Context is a juxtapose of content. It means the connection of each content that is sometimes unclear. Understanding deeply about the context is often essential to interpret the situation precisely.

I have a simple example of the concept of context.

I saw a cute mug cup in a store in London. Some cats were drawn on the cup. However, the descriptions beside each cat were not consistent with their postures.

I wondered what did they mean for a while. And then, my question was solved by finding another cup near to the one.

In the other cup, some dogs were drawn, instead of cats, with the same touch. I guessed the artist who drew the pictures created these two kinds of cups at the same time.

And, the descriptions beside the dogs correctly expressed the motion of each dog.

Does it make sense?

Cats are a very selfish animal. They never obey the order of its master, far different from dogs. The cup suggests the naughtiness of cats directly.

I would not have understood the meaning of the descriptions beside the cats if I had not seen the other cup. It is the power of context.

I bought a cup with cats, a glass with dogs as well. They have to be paired. It means that the seller was successful to sell two items instead of one, with the context.

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