Saturday, November 14, 2015

Carnage at the Bataclan etc. in Paris

Unfortunately, every newspaper shows the same content on its cover. On Nov. 13th, 2015, Paris was threatened by a massive terror attack.

At least seven incidents occurred in Paris likely to be relevant to each other. First, two restaurants were attacked, and then a music concert hall was occupied by the terrorists. Some suicidal attacks were also identified.

More than 140 people have died, according to city officials. Most of them were victimized in the concert hall. Many others were wounded.

The Bataclan, a popular music hall was filled with fear. According to survivors, there were six to eight gunmen intruded the hall, with a Kalashnikov-type rifle. Some of them looked the 20s. They started shooting blindly into the audience. After the police had surrounded the building, some attackers blew themselves up with explosives finally.

At the time of the shooting, the Bataclan had supported the Charlie Hebdo, a French newspaper company attacked by ISIS in January, by displaying the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” at the front of the concert hall.

This fact imagines us the possibility these cases were caused by ISIS. At present, however, it is still under investigation about who are the gunmen.

If these cases, as well as the recent downing of a Russian Airbus over the Sinai desert, are attributable to ISIS, the security policies in Europe have to be dramatically amended. After the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the French government had increased security. But the endeavor of preventing terrors failed to protect the citizens.

French President Francois Hollande said a state of emergency, considering the situation seriously, and shut the national borders down. His plan to attend to G20 meeting in Turkey was canceled. The military has taken the field to fix the situation. 

Obama, the US President, also condemned the horrible attacks in Paris, deeming them as an attack on all of humanity. The US is prepared to provide assistance to France, he added.

The situation is extremely tensioning. I can hardly imagine such evil crimes. Pray for the victims.

*Just before, Islamic State published a declaration of commitment.


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