Thursday, November 26, 2015

Agony of iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro seems suffering in the sales.

iPad Pro, a new model of iPad with 12.9-inch touch panel was released on Nov. 11. It equips A9X CPU and 4GB RAM. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that iPad Pro would replace conventional PCs.

However, its sales are quite sluggish. Its speed of spread is less than a sixth of iPad Air’s. Now, iPad Pro is occupying only 0.3% of all iPad family.

ITProPortal: iPad Pro adoption is the worst for any iPad ever

Surprisingly, iPad 2 is still dominant even in 2015. Indeed, iPad 2 is working well in my home. This fact suggests the excellence of iOS and products of Apple. Consumers need not abandon an old iPad because of its good endurance, ironically. On the other hand, I feel that any Android devices get obsolescent within a couple of years.

There are other reasons why iPad Pro does not become popular. People do not believe that it can be an alternative of PCs. Being attached to the keyboard, iPad Pro has almost the same weight as MacBook. Their performance is also similar. Thus, there is no benefit to change your Mac to iPad Pro.

It is fatal that most apps have not been optimized to iPad Pro. The situation is similar to the moment just after the release of the first iPad. If many apps for iPad Pro are released, the usability of iPad Pro will be improved. But providers may hesitate to adjust the apps to iPad Pro quickly, because it has not been dominant.

iPad Pro does well match as a magazine reader because of its footprint. However, I am afraid that the industry of magazines itself is shrinking. In the near future, no one will read such a bundle of large paper.

I think that the ultimate solution of Apple is the integration of OS X and iOS. The next generation of MacBook would be an iPad.

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