Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terrible update of Windows 10

One day, my smartphone made an alert about the traffic suddenly.

I was surprised to check the amount of data received via the smartphone. It reached over 3 GB just before. I hardly understood what the graph meant.

When this incident happened, I was using tethering. Using tethering, you can connect your PC to the internet through the smartphone which take a role as a WiFi router. Once a week, I work at a clinic where there are no available wireless LAN. So, I favored using my smartphone as a tethering machine.

It was unfortunate that a Windows update automatically started then.

Windows 10, installed in my note PC occasionally update its system files. Just then, "Windows 10 Threshold 2 (TH2)" began to be delivered to my PC. It seemed that it contained some GBs of data. And it was terrible that the download of the files was carried out without any hesitation by the PC itself. I would not have been able to stop the download even if I had noticed the procedure. Microsoft has not provided an option to avoid updating your Windows 10.

Therefore, my smartphone was forced to download a large amount of data. My mobile phone provider limits the amount of data transaction to prevent the traffic jam of the internet. As a result, I have to be patient with lowered speed of communication for a half month.

The scheme of Windows 10 update is infamous. You are mandated to update Windows 10 regularly. And this process is automatically conducted. Besides of my case, there are many risks around unintended updating. It frequently occurs that some devices cause a trouble after updating the OS.

Softpedia: Users Criticize Microsoft for Windows 10 TH2 Bugs: Thank God They Don't Build Airplanes

I have been disappointed to Windows 10 several times. Perhaps, I will choose a Mac for the next computer.

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