Friday, November 27, 2015

Russian military jet was destroyed by Turkey

An astonishing news. Turkey shot down Russian military plane on Nov 24. The Turkish government explained the reason that an unidentified plane had violated Turkish airspace. When I heard the news at first, I misunderstood as if Russia had shot Turkish airplane, to be honest.

Reuters: Turkey downs Russian warplane near Syria border, Putin warns of 'serious consequences'

It is for the first time for NATO that its member attacked Russian force, since its establishment. This fact means that the relationship between NATO and Russia is in tension more seriously than during the cold war.

Russia blamed Turkey with comparing it to a terrorist. The NATO is aiming to calm Turkey down not to burn further conflict. However, Turkey seems not to make an apology to Russia. On the contrary, it blames Russia for the border violation again.

Independent: Turkey shoots down Russian jet: War of words rages on as Nato convenes emergency meeting in Brussels

Russia decided to bring sanctions against Turkey. They will influence the economic status of both countries. Russia is the second largest trading partner of Turkey, and Turkey is the most popular resort for Russian tourists.

Russia plans sanctions against Turkey over jet downing

It is obvious that this conflict will inflict serious damage to the both country. Since the leaders are hesitating to make a compromise with each other, some third person, such as France, will be required to repair the relationship.

Russia and Turkey are on the opposite side upon the policy against Syria. Turkey, as well as other Western allies, are eager to dismiss ruling Asad administration in Syria. But Russia wants Asad to survive. This discrepancy has been considered to be a barrier in joint operation against ISIS.

I hope nobody wants to worsen the situation. If someone make an error in dealing with this issue, it is possible that an international war, not even against ISIS, begins.


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