Monday, September 8, 2014

Trying instant noodle in London

As mentioned to food in London, I have to refer to instant noodles.

Actually, there is no microwave oven in my flat. Additionally, the kitchen is shared with my flatmates. So, I hardly cook anything on my own with great effort.

Therefore, I decided to try some instant noodles for breakfast.

This is one of the series of KOKA produced by TAT HUI Foods Pte Ltd.
It costed only 1 GBP for 3 packs.

The content is quite simple. No additional ingredients were contained.

After 4 minutes, ready to eat!

It tasted not bad, similar to Japanese instant Ramen.

I also tried this one, Pot Noodle by ASDA. According to a Japanese blog, it is terrible. The author dropped it all without eating.

SUMEBA LONDON: Tabete ha ikenai kappu-men [A cup noodle not to eat] (in Japanese)

I chose one with original curry taste, because I think there is no bad curry.

The instruction was so interesting. I knew making an instant noodle is difficult nearly as much as launching a rocket.

I felt bad feeling about dry peas above the noodle.

After pouring boiled water, I needed to stir in the cup repeatedly, according to the instruction. Generally, stirring is not required in Japanese cup noodles.

Finally, The time had come to dig it!

Hmm, the taste was not so, good, to be honest. The noodles were easy to tatter. The flavor was persistent. The peas were horrible as I had predicted. The whole taste was dull.

Nevertheless, it was not so extremely bad to drop it.

I ate it completely.

However, I will never try it.


  1. Good challenge!! :-) Was there any Demae-Icho Ramen?


    1. Thanks for your comment. I have not found Demae-Iccho. Maybe I can get one at a Japanese products store, but with high expense.