Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scotland chose not to be independent for a while

A historic referendum resulted in winning of remainists.

The majority of Scot voted against the independence of Scotland from the UK. However, the difference of the both sides was very low, as  2,001,926 versus 1,617,989. The vote rate was over 80%, the highest of all referendums ever held in Scotland. It shows the high concern of Scot to this matter.

The Guardian: Scottish referendum: Cameron pledges devolution revolution after no vote

David Cameron, the Prime Minister and his administration were relieved to know the result. If independence had been realized, he would have been forced to resign. Nonetheless, he has to manage the interests of both sides deliberately. The opposite parties are willing to take the next move on this matter.

The Guradian: Scottish referendum: Cameron pledges devolution revolution after no vote

BBC: Scottish referendum: Gordon Brown vows 'powers will be delivered'

This result was delightfully accepted by Spanish PM, too. Catalan have also ambition to be independent from Spain, whereas the Spanish government does not permit the referendum by Catalan, different from the UK.

The Guradian: Scotland chose best option, says Spain's PM as Catalan campaign continues

I have thought the independence of Scotland would make some risks as I wrote. So, I feel rather safe to know this result. The market seems to respond as same. A Japanese blogger being married to an English man welcomed this result, too. Her husband was anxious about the chasm between Scot and English occurred by this augment.

My past entry: Independence of Scotland, referendum is approaching

Mainichi: Pound, stocks rise as Scotland votes to stay in UK

Scotland Hikikomori Nikki (Scotland withdrawal diary, in Japanese)

Many politicians are eager to make the end of the conflict. The motivation of Scot to become independent will be extinguished at least for a while. However, it gave me many things to consider.


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