Monday, September 1, 2014

Journey to London

Now I stay in London.

The Heathrow international airport is one of the entrance doors to the UK. I have visited there several times before. It is clean and gigantic.

Immigration check-in was not tough at all, in spite of my afraid. I had only a few questions asked by an investigator. Formerly, it was said that the investigation in Heathrow was the most strictly performed. However, I feel that the US is much tougher now.

The cell in the lavatory was quite wide.

Automatic vender is rare in the European countries. There were a limited variety of beverages offered, compared to Japanese ones. I enjoyed Coca-Cola, tasted the same as any other regions.

The tube, or underground train was symbolic in London. Round formed roof was adopted also in other trains than London underground.

This is the Heathrow Express, a fast train. It looked cool. The symbol was similar to X-Men's.

It was a cloudy day, as usual in London, maybe.

Mellow sky. I felt a little gloomy.

This is an overground station. There are some stations in London, but they are not so popular than undergrounds.

At last I reached the destination.

A new life is coming.

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