Saturday, September 27, 2014

Japan Matsuri 2014 in London

Today, I visited Trafalgar Square to see Japan Matsuri.

Japan Matsuri is an annual event held in London. It is organized by Japan Matsuri Ltd., comprising the Japan Association in the UK, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK, the Japan Society and the Nippon Club, and supported by the Embassy of Japan.

Japan Matsuri 2014

Trafalgar Square is a famous spot located in the center of London. A gigantic spring and statue of a cock are the symbols of Trafarger Square.

Today is a usual day in London, so cloudy.

But there are lots of people in Trafalgar Square.

The entrance of Square was crowded.

On the stage, some events were held, such as Karaoke, one after another.

This is Eisa, a traditional dance in Okinawa.

This is a Japanese exercises named "Radio Taiso". I think it is a nice idea to introduce Radio Taiso. But the space was too limited for us to join in. Only few people moved the bodies together.

There were several stores opened to sell some Japanese cuisine.

I ate Curry Udon and Takoyaki. They tasted not well, unfortunately.

Behind the field, there were some street performers. Yoda was floating.

There were not only Japanese but also many English visitors. I enjoyed the time.

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