Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Something strange in London

London is a quite big, and wonderful city. Although I have lived in London since half a month ago, I found various things amazing, or rather strange.

This is a restaurant featuring Sherlock Holmes.

The menu includes the names of Mrs. Hudson and Prof. Moriarty.

Unfortunately, I was not starving when I found the restaurant. So I did not try it.

This is a toilet place nearby a park. It looked like a space ship. Unfortunately, it was not so clean or functional, I thought.

In autumn, it sometimes sunny.
I like vapor trail. It makes me happy.

There are shampoos placed on the rack. You can choose your favorite one from a large amount of candidates. However, It is a little difficult for me to identify their characteristics at a glance.

This is a caution about a fire extinguisher. Each solution can their own advantages. But I wonder if I can choose the correct one according to this caution in an emergency.

In London, we sometimes encounter a demonstration. It was not certain what did the persons claim. Regardless of the thought, any claims should be respected, unless they cause violence.

Fortunately, I have not encounter any accident in London excepting some troubles. I am thankful about it.

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