Tuesday, September 23, 2014

McDonald's in London

To be honest, I visit McDonald's almost every day after I moved into the flat.

I do not like McDonald's so much. In Japan, I seldom eat there. However, I have not utilized the internet in my flat. In addition, I cannot use tethering service with my smartphone because Giffgaff does not permit it. Therefore, I have no choice but to go to McDonald's to for the usage of the free Wifi connection.

Actually, McDonald's free Wifi is excellent. It is faster than that in the college.

McDonald's is not to be mentioned popular fast food franchise. It is a so big company that it is sometimes referred to especially in a critical context. For example, stereotypical tasks demanded for unskilled employees are often called "Mc jobs." McDonald's had also been targeted by anti-obesity campaigns. Several dietitians and pediatrists blamed McDonald's as it made a cause of increase of persons with obesity. A film director made an experiment that how would he gain the body weight if he ate hamburgers every day.

I think that some of the criticisms are pointless. Few people want McDonald's to serve healthy food. We do not need to eat the same menu every day. McDonald's shows only a dilemma between cost and quality.

By the way, I am a little surprised that McDonald's provides almost same qualified food in various countries. The taste of a Big Mac and French fries are quite similar in each country. "Big Mac Index" is a measurement of price for international comparison.

Several years ago, I read an article that Olympic athletes were thankful to eat in McDonald's because they felt relieved to eat as the same hamburgers as in their home countries. McDonald's is one of the biggest companies which sponsor Olynpic. However, I laughed at the episode, as Olympic athlete should be aware of their foods.

After all, it is no doubt that McDonald's is a symbol of globalization. By the way, I am anxious how long I have to visit McDonald's to use the internet.

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  1. In Japan people from abroad behave same :-) . Another choice is Starbucks coffee!