Sunday, September 28, 2014

Three things far from my prediction in London

Actually, I had visited London three times before. So, I had an image of daily life in London. It is not surprising, however, that real experience is different from imagination. I think there are three things I experienced with surprising.

1. London food is not bad

To be honest, I did not expect London cuisine at all. Whenever I visited London, I was disappointed in the taste everywhere. However, the era has changed. I am satisfied in many restaurants this time.

Some cakes tasted very well. I had some bitter memory of the cakes I ate in foreign countries. They were often too sweet, poisonous. But some cakes I ate at a lunch buffet were gentle.

Nonetheless, I dare not try Sushi in London. It is exclusively Japanese cuisine.

2. Clothes are not easy to dry

Some Japanese living in London say that you need not use an umbrella during rainy day, because wet jacket would become dry soon. London air is so dry that clothes is easy to dry after washing, according to them. I hate to say that, they are liars.

When I wash my clothes using an automated washing machine, it takes over one day to dry them. So I am struggling to keep my clothes and towels prepared to change.

By the way, I heard Londoners do not wash towels so often. The frequency of washing towels after using them are various in Japan. I would like to wash it every time after using it. When I lived in a flat shared with the owner, he looked at me washing my towels with curiosity.

3. General rules are not strict

I have heard that the UK is a society of contract. To some extent, it is right. But in many positions, UK citizens are loose. To begin with, buses and tubes are frequently late. Maybe due to this fact, the UK people are not so punctual. They are tolerant to time.

However, I should be aware to the point. In some manner, UK can be so strict.

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