Saturday, September 6, 2014

Seeking house in London (3)

Seeking house in London (1)
Seeking house in London (2)

The next day, I decided to visit some estate agencies nearby my office.

There are several estate dealers in London such as Haart, Foxtons, Eaton Green, and so on.

To be honest, I visited some offices and asked for flats a few days ago. The agents told me to call back if available flats were found. But nobody replied. I guess that they felt bothered because I visited there in the evening. So I walked around in the morning this time.

As a result, all three agencies I talked to introduced a flat. I could look into each of them in detail.

You have to know that the properties advertised in front of the offices are false, or overestimated. You never get them. Instead, I got offered another flat, a little more expensive.

The selection was very difficult. The first one was clean and inexpensive, but far from my office. The second was also nice and very close to my office. However, it was the most expensive. In addition, it is a little hard to go to the center of London from there. The last was located in the center of the district. I would able to walk to my office in 10 minutes. So it would be very convenient to live there. But this property was not so clean. There were few furniture attached.

After a long consideration, I chose the last one. The location cannot be compensated for money afterwards. I believe my decision is correct.


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