Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cuisine in London

Perhaps you are curious at cuisine in London. It is deemed that foods in London are not delicious. Indeed, I had not been satisfied at cuisine during last three journeys in London. However, the position is changing.

I have been in London for a week. Every day, I have delicious, or not bad foods.

The first day
I visited at a Chinese restaurant. I ate some spicy foods.

The second day
I bought some breads and cheese at Sainsbury's, a famous supermarket. They are soft and mild.

The third day
I visited the Chinese restaurant again. I ate curry, quite delicious.

The fourth day
I visited McDonald's for the first time in London. Its taste was as same as any other McDonald's, not bad, but not so delicious either. The price was also relatively low as same as others.

The fifth day
 I had a lunch at Vineyard Greek Taverna. It is a Greek cuisine restaurant. Kebab and some dips with Pita were great.

The sixth day
I went to Noodle City, a franchise of China and East Asian cuisine. This store I visited served buffet style dining. I enjoyed it.

The seventh day
Zeret Kitchin holds a high reputation in Tripadvisor. It is an Ethiopian cuisine. I ate some spicy meat enveloped by Injera, rice paper with sour flavor. It was quite strange but great.

The eighth day
I visited at Nando's, a casual restaurant offering African spicy Chicken. It is introduced by a Japanese blog. Not different from the saying in it, it was quite yummy.

SUMEBA London: London de tension ga sagattara Nando's he Go! [Go to Nando's if you are tired] (in Japanese)

To sum up, London gather many great cuisines from all over the world.

The only problem is that I have not eaten British cuisine yet.


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