Monday, September 29, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man2, meaning of the death

Finally, I watched through the movie, "Amazing Spider-Man 2," recently. The reason I had hesitated to watch this film is that I do not like the previous work.

This is a sequel to Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker as Spider-Man is a superhero who has amazing spider power. He is struggling to know the truth around missing of his father. His sweetheart, Gwen Stacy, is frustrating from his frustrating attitude. Peter is afraid that she will be damaged due to being concerning to him. And it becomes true.

In this film, a total of three villains appear: Electro, Green Goblin, and Rhino. To be honest, I feel each of them not so attractive. Rhino has a very limited role in this film. Electro is the main villain . However, his motivation to attack Spider-Man is so weak. I understand his rage to citizens, but he becomes merely envious to Spider-Man. He lacks a philosophy as a villain.

Instead, Harry Osborn as Green Goblin is admirable. He is in a way to promised death and he is eager to gain Spider-Man's power. He seems to have no friend to trust. So, he has no option but to propose a deal with money to Spider-Man, to be refused. As a result, it collapses the friendship between him and Peter. I can be empathic to his agony. It is unfortunate that we have to wait for him to become Green Goblin till the latter part of the film. Actually, the middle of this story is rather boring.

In the climax, Gwen Stacy is killed by Green Goblin. Although I had heard the story in the original comics before, I was surprised. In this film, I have a difficulty how I should interpret her death. At a glance, she seems to die in vain. Indeed, it was for the first time that a heroine was killed uselessly in an American Comic.

She dared to be accompanied with Spider-Man. So, she was responsible to some extent. It was her intention to support Peter with her own life. However, she had no contribution in the battle with Green Goblin.

Peter was suffering from regret that he could not save her life. Listening to her speech at the graduation ceremony, he regained the courage to be the Spider-Man again. This scene is a little heartwarming. Nevertheless, I think her death is described rather too lightly. Watchers without knowledge of the original stories might be confused, I guess.

The battle of Spider-Man is continuing. Mary Jane Watson will appear in the next film. I am waiting for her.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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