Saturday, September 13, 2014

Afterthat cuisine in London

This entry is a sequel to the one regarding London food.
As I wrote before, I cannot use a microwave oven. So I had to go out for meal almost every day.

The ninth day, I visited a South Indian restaurant, named Ganapati. I ordered rabbit curry with coconut rice. It had very spicy and rich flavor. Extremely delicious.

The 10th day, I went to the center of London. There was a vast variety of restaurants near Picadery Circus. I enjoyed an afternoon tea at The Montague garden. I could try any of 12 kinds of tea leaf there. I stayed there for hours, reading e-books.

The 11th day, I ate fish and chips at Flying Fish.
Whenever I try it, I feel happy for the first bite. However, it is too fatty for me.

The 12th day I visited Nando's again. I tried a hamburger with chicken breast. It was also yummy.

The 13th day, unusually I had a meal outside twice in a day. I ate a full English breakfast for the first time since I arrived in London. It contained so large amount of calories. Brown mushrooms were very delicious, but I left boiled beans.

In the night, I went to a local cafe which serves Indian vegetarian cuisine. Different from its image, it had a rich taste. I liked it.

Soon, I will move to a flat as a tenant. Then I will cook something on my own, because it is rather expensive to go out for dinner every day.

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