Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple unveil iPhone6, iWatch, and Apple Pay

Apple held a conference in Cupertino yesterday. In this place, it presented some new products including iWatch, as many prospected.

Apple Live Sempember 9, 2014

The scene of presentation could be broadcasted all over the world. Apple made only Safari users be able to watch it. However, I could not connect the site to see the streaming, perhaps too much traffic of the digital signals. Many other viewers made similar complaints on the Twitter.

So, I could just imagine the content of the presentation from Apple's official blog and several comments of professional of amateur reporters.

TechCrunch:  Live From Apple’s iPhone Event In Cupertino

Today, many media reported the whole contents of the presentation by Apple. According to them, there are 3 main topics:
1. iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus
2. iWatch
3. Apple Pay

To be honest, I was not so impressed upon the former 2 topics, because they are easy to be forecasted. If iWatch were able to work completely with stand alone, I would be fascinated. However, iWatch needs iPhone connected, to make use of it, as same as previous smartwatches powered by other companies. iPhone6 is also not so innovative, simply more high functional. I do not think it will make my life different.

I am interested in Apple Pay. It is a new system of electric payment. The reported said that iPhone would override your credit cards since Apple Pay is more secure than credit cards. Actually, I would reduce an item in my pockets using Apple Pay. It is secure, and comfortable. But there is another point of view.

Electric commerce is one of the biggest battlefields among IT companies. It is vitally related to their business. And it is essential to our daily lives. As a proof, Amazon has also declared to join in this field.

Apple has already possessed a market named iTunes. It is an absolute advantage of it. It seems that the companies ready to introduce Apple Pay are not so many. If Apple wins an important position in E-commerce market, it will gain more gigantic power, it leads to crises for conventional companies dealing with this field.

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