Friday, December 7, 2012

What you do not do

In election week, what disgusts me is dreamy talk by politicians.

Said, “We promise hopeful future in Japan!”, “We carry out admirable policies!”, and “We will accomplish both growth of success, decreasing of tax, and fulfilled welfare!
Indeed dream is necessary. But they sound incredible for me.
Economic growth, decrease of tax, and fulfilled welfare are a kind of trilemma. To develop industry and get high economic status, we must accept competition. Both winner and loser would be born. Then, if we save poor people, it is necessary to increase tax for redistribution of the estates. To attach greater importance to deal all people equal will allow some lazy people and decrease total creativity.

All politicians claim they can do everything. Propriety of their policies can not seen in their manifestoes. It annoys me.

It is important to make decision what is postponed.
Past candidate of the president of USA, Mr. Mitt Romney, declared that he was not concern about welfare for poverty. He thought that to encourage normal or relatively rich people was the first priority for USA. His though was not accepted by US citizen. But I think he is a brave and responsible man at least.

It is the same thing about individual matter.
We sometimes hear that “Your life is once and unique. Live your own life! Do the thing what you want to do the best!” I agree with this. However it is difficult to know what is the best thing to be done by you. On the other hand, it is rather easy to know what the worst is.
I recommend you to make a list what you do not want to do. The absolutely last thing of the list is your own job.

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