Monday, December 31, 2012

Sequels in Dec. 2012

DEC 19, 2012
Gun control and Nash equilibrium

Discussion about gun control seems to be confused. The National Rifle Association claimed that some pop culture including video games or Hollywood movies bring violence.

The Wall Street Journal: NRA Blasts Video Games After Sandy Hook, Twitter Responds

I think it is ridiculous that gun providers blame materials including crime scene. If crime scene were to be restricted, the arms themselves are also to be prohibited. I would like to see more creative debate.

DEC 16, 2012
Concern about general election

General election resulted in the victory of Liberal Democratic Party, as most mass media predicted. Mr. Shinzou Abe became the prime minister. I wonder if he will restore the economy of Japan. Nonetheless I expect him.

DEC 11, 2012
American comics movies

I bought some BD about American comics movies. “The Dark Knight Trilogy” describing Batman is excellent! But they are so serious that I hardly watch it easily. I will make enough time to watch them completely.

DEC 9, 2012
What Madoka Magica tells us

I also read Madoka Magica comic books.

This series was written from the original scenario of TV animation. So the story completely copies the original one. I recommend it for beginners. English version is also available. Puella-Magi Madoka Magica Vol.1

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