Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Three factors make us work

What do you think if you quit your job?

I think it is an essential question for most of the people.

Many people might agree to quit their job if the same income were guaranteed. But the fact is a little different.
In Japan regulation about dismissal is so strict that companies must use a trick to make troubled employees quit their job. One idea is “stay home order”. The boss ordered the targeted employee to stay at home without work. He has nothing to do and get a salary. It is a paradise, isn’t it? No. The employee who lost his own work tends to quit voluntarily.
This case explains the importance of the work itself.

To work is to earn money. It is no doubt. But it is not absolute matter.

I think that there are three reasons why human works other than for money.

The first reason is “fun”.
Many energetic or even workaholic people enjoy their work. Working is the reward for them. They often regard their work as a game. Good company makes the employee play an exciting game.

The second is “self-development”.
Some people are struggling in extremely hard work. Resident doctors also must be patient. We must overcome the stage to develop ourselves to be professional. Working is an investment. Good company offers the employees some valuable investments.

The last one is “contribution”.
I think this is the most difficult to obtain for work. Every work is to contribute others. It is obvious, as others pay the reward for work. But we often forget this simple matter. We cannot see the importance of contribution when we are really poor. To be conscious about contribution, we must be satisfied the first. So, good company satisfies the employees, and then teaches them about the contribution.

Which is your reason to work for others?
And does your company offer the three factors?

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  1. I perfectly agree with you those 3 factors, however, money is still big reason to work. If you are single and healthy you need not mind it, but once you have family or you become sick, you cannot live without money...Of course, I am not saying that money is everything.

    Real professional worker can choose the work which pays enough, and make it fanny and self-develop one. Money is not everything, but we cannnot live without money.