Monday, December 3, 2012

Recognize your minimal advantages

Self-development is one of buzzwords in modern society.
In Japan a lot of books referring to self-development are published every month. Some of them become best seller, and fade out.
I think a charm of self-development is to shows you a hope. Said, “You are stupid now, but, you will be genius if you do as I tell you!” So you have a hope to become another than you.

In fact, you are yourself. I am myself. It is impossible to become another person, develop another talent all at once, or change your mind completely.

When you yield to despair, it is not recommended to read a self-development book, nor make decision to change yourself.
Rather seeing you simply would be better.
Do not create a new hope. Recognize a present hope in front of you.

Maybe my voice sounds similar to self-development. It is right to some extent. But the difference is important.
They say, “every person has own advantages. Feel your power! Believe your unique strength!”
Unfortunately, it is not correct, I think. A person is not unique at all. Someone else is better than you.

However, “minimal strength” is reasonable.

Every person does not have their own unique talent. But everyone has normal power. It is not ignorable. For example, I have never experienced insomnia. I can sleep whenever I want to do. It is not special talent at all. But it makes me some minor strength. It is an advantage for me.
Look around you about your daily life. Cooking, cleaning, writing, moving, speaking, and so on. You could not do well. But when you do as normal, It is your minimal advantage. Make account of it.

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