Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cassandra’s curse

Cassandra is a woman in Greek mythology.
She was a prophet with mystic power and she was able to predict any disasters which would attack Greek.
However, she was cursed by Apollo. Due to Apollo’s curse, nobody believed her prophecy. So she was censured as an agitator, and ended in tragedy.

Cassandra’s curse is common even in the modern era.
When one person expects a bad outcome about a project, there are two results to be assumed. If everybody did not believe the expectation, the project would fail. They would recognize the correctness of the expectation, but too late. On the other hand, if everybody believed the expectation, they would try to avoid the failure. Then when the project completed in success, they would blame the prophet for too much worrying about this.

This episode tells us about the essential risk in risk assessment itself. Statistic evidences are indispensable to analyze the fact without being emotional.

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