Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kindle Fire has come

I was waiting for a long time. At last, Amazon Kindle Fire HD has been delivered to my home!

I bought Amazon Kindle 3 (now Kindle Keyboard) from Amazon USA 2 years ago. And it was favorite gadget of mine. Recently I got Kindle Paperwhite, the first Kindle localized to Japan. Unfortunately, it is not completely satisfactory for me because of some disadvantage, such as limited volume of storage.
However Kindle Fire HD is splendid. The display is quite beautiful. Touch screen works very well. I can also listen to music or audiobooks with this.

But there is an anxiety about Kindle in Japan.
As I mentioned, I expect greatly to future of e-book. However the growth of electronic books market is very slowly in Japan. Kobo, an e-book reader made by Rakuten is suffering from low reputation of customers and sluggish increasing the number of contents. Sony Reader is also struggling. One of the reasons is conservativeness of Japanese publishers for e-pub, I guess.
Amazon also has not started service of newspapers, magazines or movies yet in Japan.

Of course book of paper has unique attractiveness. But young people tend to read light novels or Manga with their mobile phones. The change from analog to digital is approaching fast, I think. The problem is when it comes.

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