Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Journey in Taiwan

Last weekend, I went to Taipei in Taiwan for a fun.

Taiwan is one of the nearest nations from Japan. It takes about 4hours from Tokyo. From Okinawa, it takes only 1 hour.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is very wide and has modern structure. It has developed as a hub of Asia. There is a lot of duty free shop in it. Unfortunately I had no enough time to look around them.
(Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)

However, when I got out of the airport, I saw a crowd of people waiting for a shuttle bus to Taipei city. Maybe, number of vehicles is not enough to move into the capital city smoothly. I had to let 3 buses go past to ride on.

It was heavy rainy day. Actually, through the journey it rained continuously. In winter it rains much more in Taiwan than in Tokyo, according to a travel guidebook. I was correct to carry a handy umbrella from Japan.

Taipei gourmet is splendid! I went to “Din Tai Fung” the most famous restaurant as Xiaolongbao (eastern Chinese steamed bun) provider. Very delicious! Xiaolongbao includes soup in it. It is not too hot and has good taste.
(Website of Din Tai Fung)

Besides it, I have eaten very nice meals in Taiwan.

Taipei is also famous as a city of IT. I visited Guang Hua Digital Plaza. It is a large building with several floors occupied by a total of 200 electric stores. The atmosphere was similar to Akihabara electric town in Tokyo.
I bought blue-ray discs of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” I am so satisfied to get them.

Overall, Taiwanese were all very kind and friendly. I am really thankful to them.

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