Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gunosy, an excellent e-curator

Today I will introduce a web-based curation service.

“Curation” may be an unfamiliar word for most people. Indeed I had heard it in a book last year for the first time. It is “The Age of Curator” written by Mr. Toshinao Sasaki.

Amazon.co.jp: The Age of Curator (in Japanese)

Mr. Toshinao Sasaki is a freelance journalist and a curator. He use his own twitter account (@sasakitoshinao) and he introduce several valuable information via twitter every morning.
Originally, the word “curator” is used to show a person who work in a museum of library and administer materials and resources belongs to the institution. However recently a person who collect information and extract valuable ones from it is also called curator.
Modern world is full of information. So to distinguish and rank them is important skill. Newly curators is so called a guide of the ocean of information.

Now, there are several internet services of curation. Using them enable us to get information of high quality for free. I like “Gunosy” the best of them.

To use Gunosy, you need only the account of Twitter or Facebook. Gunosy automatically investigates your timeline. According to the result of analysis Gunosy recommend a total 20 of webpages that may be curious for you every day. For my impression, selection of Gunosy is very precise. So I can read my own e-magazine edited for me.
Not so long time have passed since newly curator was born. But it is going to be replaced by computer.

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