Thursday, December 13, 2012

Power to ignore

We need power to ignore in the newly age of internet.
In Japan it is so called as “through-power” or “power of insensibility.”

Modern era is very information-rich. There is much information about everything. Some are helpful and others are dangerous or simply wrong. So we must choose correct information suitable to our own situation.
Moreover, prosperity of social networking has changed the way to deal with information. Now we can connect directly to Mr. Barak Obama with Twitter. When you ask a question via internet, you can get some advises from professionals immediately. We can easily declare our opinion about politics or more severe matter to the world. The world is extremely narrowing.

However too much connection bring some disadvantages. Over-connection itself is one of the problems.
If you are famous person, you should be very careful to write a blog or twitter. After you wrote some kind of contents that blame other people, you may get criticized by anonymous with loud and ugly voice. You should never write your experience about a minor offence you committed in younger age. It is possible that someone find the record and tell it to your boss.

But absolute defence is nonsense. Every comment that has suggestive theme has power to raise emotion of others. So it is inevitable that some people read it to get angered. Too much fearful about this, you have nothing to write. When you see a negative comment with aggressive manners as a feedback of your entry, ignore and forget this.

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