Monday, December 24, 2012

Trilemma of reports

We sometimes get angered against report by mass media.
Said, "The contents are ridiculous! It must be incorrect."

Or have you ever thought that it was too late that the government or a company revealed certain information?

Actually, every report has some disadvantages.

More logically, there is a trilemma about reports.
The three elements are "quickness", "accuracy", and "simplicity".
No document can commit all of this three elements perfectly.

When you inform some people about an accident or a disaster, you will try to let them know the matter as soon as possible. The speed is prior. And the information is simplified. You have no time to examine the information deeply. As a result, the report can be less precise. Several Demagogie, or false rumors tend to occur in disastrous situation. We must accept it to get fast information.
In Japan, Twitter or other social media reported many information in 3.11 earthquake and Tsunami disaster. They were very helpful but included a lot of false rumors. They were to be examine after that. And few false rumor survive until now.

On the other hand, afterwards report must be precise. Much time was spent to investigate the contents of this kind of report. So the final report is to be delayed. It is also acceptable.
Statement of accounts of a company is a nice example. If it were incorrect even only in detail, a severe legal problem would occur.

And a precise report is not easy to read. No one can explain a complicated matter as a simple one. Academic reports are difficult to understand because they take much account of scientific correctness.
Some bestsellers about how to make money are easy-reading. But we seldom learn something valuable with them. Too simplified article omit the fact to be learned.

You must always consider what is your goal when you seek a report. Fast information? Deep knowledge? Or an outline about this matter? You also have to guess the author's intention of which factor is regarded as important.

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