Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kanji of the year

The Kanji of the year is determined today.

“Kanji of the year” is an event that the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation has performed every year since 1995. The foundation chooses a Kanji from collected candidate that is most likely to express this year.
Kanji is Chinese letter also used in Japan. They have some meanings in each one.
The one of this year is read as “kin” or “kane,” both meanings are differ from each other.

“Kin” means “gold.” Japan won the most Gold Medals ever in London Olympic. The players gave all Japanese great courage. Moreover, Mr Shinya Yamanaka got Novel Prize for his excellent research about iPS cells. It is also honorable.

On the other hand, “kane” means “money.” In 2012, some discussion about money occurred in Japan. Consumption tax was decided to be raised. It is criticized that the mother of a famous talent had received national welfare payment. The most notable issue about next election is national financial polity. Most Japanese has ideology that a person too much concerned about earning money is despicable. So the word “kane” has negative impression.

Some people suggest the third meaning about Kanji of the year. It is the family name of Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea. To be strange, today North Korea reported that they launched a new rocket successfully today. Tension between North Korea and Neighboring countries has strengthened.

Kanji of the year is humorous and ironic. How about the next year?

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