Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas cakes and Japanese trait

Today, I visited Imperial Hotel Tokyo.
(Website of Imperial Hotel)

Japan is now in Christmas events. There are Christmas trees everywhere. The main hall of Imperial Hotel Tokyo is not an exception.

And today “Sweets Art Exhibition” is ongoing. I watched several huge cakes imitating Christmas scenes. How beautiful and sweet!

But it will be ended after 25th Dec.

Japanese Christmas events are very fantastic but, rapidly vanish after Christmas day. This characteristics as both temporary rising and immediately shrink after the peak were compared to sexual reaction of men by Mr. Miso Suzuki, a reporter cartoonist in Japan. According to him, St. Christmas Eve is day of sex in Japan, whereas it is day of happy home in western countries.

Indeed, Japanese has tendency to be excited rapidly and to forget it soon after that. It is a national trait of Japanese.
Japan was attacked by many disasters historically. Ancestors overcame them one by one without abandon Japan. They were very patient I guess. And patience may be accompanied by forgetfulness.

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