Tuesday, December 11, 2012

American comics movies

I like movies based on American comic heroes. X-men, Batman, Spiderman, and the Avengers series are all fun of me.

As far as know, the vast majority of the Japanese underestimated charm of American comics, at least since 2000s. Superman is the only one American comic movie I remember in 20 centuries. We recognized that Superman was a hero for children, not for adults. Many Japanese had an image that American comics were very simple and shallow, in which the superhero had absolute power and goodwill and overcame the villain. I was no exception.

However, in my high school age, I knew that one story of batman dealt with Plea agreement. In an English textbook, I read that the fact that some American comics were so well considered that children could learn about problems in American society was not known well also in the USA. Then I was interested in American comics.

Still now I seldom read American comics. There are a lot of numbers of comic books and we hardly get a complete series in Japan. Few Japanese read the original comic book, I guess.
But the movies have changed this situation. Modern SFX development enabled to show the incredible power of heroes on the screen. The storylines are enough complicated to amuse adult viewers. Nowadays a lot of people in Japan enjoy the battle of American heroes.

Newest American comic movie, “The Avengers” was advertised with an aggressive copy, said, “Hey Japan, this is the movie!” It encourages Japanese movie fans and also provokes movie makers. Cinema industry is suffering from decreasing of income now. I hope movie makers make more exciting one.


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