Monday, December 10, 2012

The Dictator Switch, my favorite story of Draemon

I believe you know Draemon, a famous comic character in Japan.
(Official website of Draemon Movies: in Japanese)

He is a cat-type robot came from future with time-machine. He always helps Nobita, a poor boy, using his secret items invented in future.
He has a lot of secret items. Above all I like “The Dictator Switch” the best.

I read this episode in my childhood. The storyline is below:
Nobita was annoyed by his collegues. He ask Draemon to punish them. Draemon gave him a magical item, called “The Dictator Switch.” Draemon said that when the user pushed the switch it would eliminate the person whom he wanted to destroy.
Nobita pushed the switch with a hope to destroy Gian, a bully. Immediately Gian got lost, and the world reconstructed as if Gian had not existed. Nobita was pleased once. But Suneo, one of underling of Gian, acted as a bully, instead of Gian. The circumstance did not change.
Nobita got angered, and eliminated people one after another, using the switch. Even Sizuka, Nobita’s sweetheart, was destroyed because of slight misunderstanding. Finally Nobita despaired completely, and he pushed the switch with crying, “Everyone, be gone!”
Nobita stood on a town alone. He regretted absolutely. Then Draemon came. He said to Nobita, “The Dictator Switch was created to teach a dictator a good lesson. Do you get understood that everyone around you is indispensable?” Nobita nodded and everything restored.

This is a child story but very suggestive. Have you ever wanted to push The Dictator Switch? If you exclude a person you dislike then you will must do the same thing in the next situation. Elimination will be repeated. After all you will become alone.

To tell the truth, a series of X-MEN movies has the same theme. I will tell you this in another opportunity.

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  1. Thank you I found a manga speaking of this thing and I didnt understand it. Seems like doraemon was deeper than I thought.