Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Who is the strongest in Avengers?

Avengers/Infinity War has made a record in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe, I convince.

I dare not to tell you the story. Instead, I will compare the strength of each member. This kind of consideration is made everywhere. So, this is merely my opinion from the impression with seeing the movies.

I evaluated them with three factors: Power, Toughness, and Specialty. Power means the destructive potential in the melee battle. Toughness is physical invulnerability. And specialty is the sum of several abilities such as missile weapons and extraordinary skills and knowledge

Power 4; Toughness 5; Specialty 3
His power is extreme. He lives many years and can survive even in the space. He can call lightning and have a massive knowledge of the universe.

Power 5; Toughness 5; Specialty 1
Hulk seems superior to Thor in the close combat. But, he only can smash. He cannot fly or shoot anything.

Power 3; Toughness 3; Specialty 5
Tony has developed several items to respond any situations. I rank him as supreme at Specialty.

Doctor Strange
Power 3; Toughness 1: Specialty 5
He may match Ironman in the power. But his body is as same as an ordinary human. Defense is an issue for him. But his magical power is so limitless that he can reverse the time with Time Stone. Potentially, he is supreme at Specialty.
Power 3; Toughness 2; Specialty 4
Vision is almost as strong as Ironman. He can fly. Also, he can moderate his body so that any materials cannot do damage to him. But this ability was not functional in "Infinity War," unfortunately.

Captain America
Power 3; Toughness 3; Specialty 2
Winter Soldier
Power 3; Toughness 3; Specialty 2
War Machine
Power 3; Toughness 3; Specialty 2
Scarlet Witch
Power 2; Toughness 2; Specialty 4
Spiderman (Ironspider version)
Power 2; Toughness 3; Specialty 3
I guess Cap and Winter Soldier are almost as strong as Ironman. And War Machine has basically the same potential as Ironman, too. But as Tony is genius, he will win the real battle.

Black Panther has no ability to fly or attack from distance. Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon are the weakest. Antman is difficult to evaluate exactly. By the way, Thanos marks all 5.

That's all. How do you feel about my ranking?

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