Thursday, May 24, 2018

What is good parenting?

Nurture is one of the greatest activities of the human being. All we cannot grow up without any support of other people. Most of us have been grown up by the parents, while some need official or unofficial aid other than family for several reasons. Therefore, parenting is deemed as a simple and essential task for adult couples.

There are very scarce evidence regarding appropriate care for the children. Each parent has their own ideology. And many of us believe our idea is the absolute solution for guiding our children to good maturity. In reality, however, not a few parents fail to commit proper nurturing.

As a result, some children suffer from the traumatized experiences. Even if not physically abused, an inappropriate attitude of nurturing is suspected to be a risk for some mental disorders in later life. Not only PTSD and borderline personality disorder, but also bipolar disorder is relevant to the tough experiences in the youth, according to latest studies.

Therefore, we should know the right way to nurture which is evidence-based. A person's experience is limited because most parents can grow up
only some children.

On the other hand, it is no doubt that a clinical trial is difficult to be conducted in this region. Randomized nurturing is unrealistic. Results from animal experiments suggest very limited findings. And it takes many years to gain the outcome if a social experiment is started.

At present, there are some hypotheses regarding proper nurturing which are guessed with findings from other academic regions.

The Conversation: Evidence-based parenting: how to deal with aggression, tantrums and defiance

This article above introduces some techniques of appraisal and discipline to the children with problematic behaviors. I believe the author writes them with the principle of behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is rather a traditional technique, but even now widely used in several situations.

I think the behavioral therapeutic approach is beneficial for children since it is easy to understand and evidence-based. But the behavioral approach is not adequate for the perfect parenting, because children are not patients.

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