Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Inkle experiment with simplified headlines

I subscribe Inkle, a news curation service. It sends me several articles of recent events, findings, and some heartwarming topics. It also releases some gaming apps such as "Steve Jackson's Sorcery."

I read every day the compilation of articles Inkle suggested to me. I often write this blog based on the idea Inkle provided. So, Inkle offers me a splendid web service.

Yesterday, Inkle's news mail looked strange. It seemed to be downloaded erroneously, at a glance. But reading the email, I noticed that it was an experiment by Inkle.

Inkle omitted some photos beside each article Inkle introduced. Therefore, this email looked like a simple text message. Indeed, it is far lighter in the volume than previous ones.

On the other hand, I felt the visibility of this email was considerably inferior compared with the previous style. Although attached photos were not entirely helpful to understand the content of each article, they were encouraging me to look through the list of articles, I noticed.

An experiment is important to clarify the real influence of each element to the event. I hope Inkle will not abandon to attach photos to the email.

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