Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rainbow mark toilet dismissed in Osaka

Rainbow mark suggesting sexual minorities had been introduced to public toilets in some facilities, in Osaka. But recently, the mark was removed.

The reason was that some people with LGBT characteristics claimed that the rainbow mark was rather disadvantageous. People are afraid to be identified as a sexual minority by using the toilet with rainbow mark.

Asian News Network: Local govts in Japan remove LGBT marks from public toilets

The rainbow mark was firstly introduced for people who hesitate to use a toilet for both genders. On the other hand, many people belonging to sexual minorities keep their sexual preference secret to the public, in some even to family members. Osaka prefectural government judged that introducing the rainbow mark against the will of the considerable amount of voice of the users would not be justified.

This episode gave me some points of issues. The rainbow mark is a symbol of diversity. It is sorry that this mark may harm people belonging to the minority. It is no doubt that the current situation that LGBT people believe to have to hide their true opinion to the public due to public discrimination is miserable. But, the social tide is not easy to be changed. Some people claim that setting rainbow marks is beneficial for the enlightenment. But it cannot be complimented under the agony of the users.

Therefore, I support the decision of Osaka prefectural government. On the other hand, each private sector should take action on their own idea. Diversity itself is a key to the maturity and the whole happiness of our society. I think the rainbow mark is cool, and I would like to use the "everyone's toilet" occasionally.

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