Monday, May 7, 2018

Oculus Go is ready to be launched

In recent years, VR is a key not only in the entertainment but also in several industries. Many companies consider how the VR function will benefit them. And the most effective way is to introduce VR machine into our daily life.

However, the first generation VR gears have some disabilities, not surprisingly. They are the high initial cost and dependence. Oculus Lift requires a high-end PC to be functional. PlayStation VR demands to be attached to PlayStation4 with a cable.

And now, Oculus Go will be released this year. According to the media, it will be sold for only 200 USD. In addition, it can download any programs via WiFi by itself. It can be connected to any smartphones. And most of all, it needs not any cables.

South China Morning Post: Oculus Go is the breakthrough VR headset you’ll want to buy or give as a gift – it’s attractively priced and easy to use

I think the last thing is the most important. VR experience is highly inhibited when the gear is connected to a particular machine with a cable. The author of the article above recommends you to use Oculus Go in an airplane. Such usage will be realized because Oculus Go works independently.

Prolonged battery life, and then lesser weight, is the next challenge.

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