Thursday, May 17, 2018

Medical AI challenges

Yesterday, I attended a lecture regarding medical AI.

The speaker was the CEO of a startup engaged in this topic. He has medical doctor license. But immediately after graduating the medical school, he began to develop a company. The reason was that he noticed the situation of the IT around medical practice was too outdated to carry out satisfactory care for patients.

Now, he gathered a large amount of money through ICO, and attempts several projects for better solutions in medical science.

For example, his company is developing a system of automated construction of the medical record. In general, a medical doctor makes a consult with the patient for diagnosing him or her. After listening to the patient's complaints, the doctor has to take a note of the finding to construct the medical record. The system under developing will enable this process to be automated. If this system is complete, the doctor can focus on considering proper treatment with saving the time for typing the words on the PC.

There are several challenges to be overcome in the medical practice, according to the CEO. It was impressive that he thought the modern medical AI is far from satisfactory so that the outcome of engineers' work is no more beneficial to our society. Indeed, it is not easy to replace human doctors with an AI. Even if realized, an AI would not take a responsibility of decision making for medical practices.

The CEO also told us about blockchain. It is no doubt that blockchain is an innovative technology. He would like to utilize blockchain for sharing medical records of many patients. But there are some barriers before realizing it, such as the block size, security, and the switching cost.

To be honest, I am a shareholder of his company. Of course, I strongly believe he will be successful.

I hardly imagine the true impact of the AI on the medical practice. I am also engaged in a study regarding the utilization of medical AI. But the outcome is unsure so far. In my guess, AI will not replace human doctors. Rather, AI will support, or hopefully enhance, the doctor's treatment in the near future.

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