Monday, May 14, 2018

Crypto jacking

Since the internet emerged in the late 20th century, malware has risen to the mainstream of the internet security. There are several types of malware developed by malicious crackers; computer virus, trojan horse, and phishing sights in recent. And the latest tool is crypto jacking.

The Conversation: Cryptojacking spreads across the web

The scheme of cryptocurrencies is supported by many miners. Miners use their computer to confirm each transaction to be rewarded. Thus, they get crypto coins in exchange for providing electric power.

Crypto jacker is so-called a free rider of miners. If you unconsciously install a crypto jacking application, your computer will be misused to make crypto coins. Of course, the reward is paid to the cracker.

Crypto jacking is less harmful than typical malware for the owner of the computer. Nonetheless, the affected machine consumes an excessive charge.

According to the article above, crypto jacking also can be utilized properly. People visiting a website are asked to donate the organizer with mining. It looks a cool idea.

Anyway, malware will rise one after another. We should be always aware of their risk.

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