Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eel price rises

Eel is an important food for Japanese. Many Japanese are fond of eat Una-ju, or Una-don (grilled eel on the rice) in summer. Eel is believed to protect your body from diseases during summer. Indeed, eel contains rich protein and fat.

However, the price of eel is continuously increasing in recent years. I guess the cost has been more than doubled in a decade.

One of the reasons is a shortage of catching juvenile eel school. Most eel is framed in a pond. But artificial hatching of an eel is not feasible so far. Therefore, young eels caught in the sea are necessary for harvesting ell.

The Japan News: Eel prices expected to surge again this year

The reduced amount of catching eel has been focused for a couple of decades. Then, the hike is not surprising. The other days, the eel was a luxury food in Japan.

I hear that total farming is under experiment in several facilities. The government expects hatching eel will be industrialized within a few years.

In the modern era, we have few opportunities of eating natural food. It is sorry, but not a disgrace, I think. It is of the importance that nobody will starve.

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