Friday, May 4, 2018

Taking photos protect your health?

You may have several habits. Each of them makes you happy and make your life meaningful, even if they themselves have no impact on your social or financial status.

In addition, some habits have been proven to be beneficial to your physical health. Exercise is a good example. Brain sports are also believed to be effective for preventive some mental disorder, though the evidence is limited.

And here, taking photos are expected for a better life.

HindustanTimes: Taking one picture daily has a surprising health benefit. Here’s what it is

Nowadays, taking photos became quite easy because of the spread of smartphones. The other day, photographers were rather a rare occupation. But recently, many people take photos to upload them to the social network.

To be honest, I am doubtful that taking pictures itself is beneficial for your health. The article above does not explain the methods of the study the researchers adopted to prove the effect of photo taking. It is obvious that people taken photos become happy or satisfied because they had already been motivated to do so. It is unsure if encouraging depressive patients who have no habit of taking photos to make some activities is so good.

Nonetheless, I agree with the concept the researchers claim. Taking photos contains several processes such as observation, focusing, decision, and expression. Being aware of these movements of your mind must be meaningful.

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