Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Macbook revive

I bought a MacBook two years ago, as I wrote before. It looked cool but had some disadvantages.

And at last, it failed to update the MacOS, to be crippled. It never booted as ElCapitan. Therefore, I used the MacBook as a Windows PC with the Bootcamp.

Recently, I deleted the partition of the hard drive which was allocated to MacOS because of the shortage of Windows drive. I enjoyed this strange machine for a while.

However, I noticed that this machine is not booting. The Windows logo appeared, and a rotate marker suggests there is something in a process in the machine. But, this process never ended.

I tried to summon the auto-repair command of Windows but in vain.

The final option I can take is to restore the MacOS again. With pressing P+R+Option+Command button, I booted the disk utility. I erased the whole Bootcamp sector and ordered to install MacOS into this drive.

As a result, My MacBook revived as a Mac, again, compensating all data of my Windows PC. Fortunately, I stored no indispensable data on the Mac.

Both Mac and Windows always bother me, Bootcamp, as well.

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